Do you have fur products at home? Then you should learn to take care of them so that they still maintain their perfect appearance. Read the guidelines to follow when caring for your fur trims, pom poms, vests or coats.

Do not attempt to clean fur yourself

Although you may think that it is just another piece of clothing and you could clean it nicely at home, that is not true. Fur products require special care, which is why you should always take them to a specialized dry cleaner for leather and fur. Classic raccoon or fox fur certainly does not need to be cleaned every year. Take them to the dry cleaners when they get really dirty, lose their original shine (usually once every 4-5 years).

The exception, which needs regular care, are April flowers. These are intended for everyday wear and therefore get dirty more easily, but above all they have a different surface finish, where the fur pile is placed inside and the outside surface has a velor finish. It is the outer surface that needs to be impregnated regularly. However, if you want to clean it, the rule that you should take it to a specialized dry cleaner also applies to the Dúbeňak.

Be careful of the water

Water is simply not good for fur. Of course, if you wear fur coats or accessories in the fall and winter, you won't always prevent them from getting wet or damp from the snow. In this case, the same rule applies as for leather products - let them dry freely at room temperature. Avoid any more vigorous drying in the form of blow-drying or heating, as this will only damage the fur. Once the fur is dry, gently brush it with a comb to restore its original sleek appearance.

Try to prevent the hair of the fur from lying down

Check the fur regularly to make sure all the hairs are in the desired direction and none have broken. If this happens, you don't need to panic, just moisten the part of the fur with the bent hair slightly and comb it in the right direction with a comb. If it doesn't work the first time, repeat it several times. At the same time, we recommend combing the fur regularly with a comb to keep it looking fluffy and elegant.

Do not burden the fur and do not use chemical preparations

Are you wearing a fur coat? Then watch out for handbags or backpacks. Shoulder loads are not good for fur coats, so it's better to take a bag in your hand that day. Likewise, be careful wih perfumes, these too could damage the fur, so never apply them directly to the fur. For this type of material, you do not need any special preparations to take care of them. The exception is the already mentioned April shoes, for which we recommend getting leather impregnation.

Make sure it is stored correctly in the closet

You usually wear fur products mainly in winter or at the end of autumn or beginning of spring. So they will probably spend most of the year in the closet, so it is very important that you store them there correctly. You can easily hang fur coats and vests on a hanger. Pom poms on the cap and fur trims are ideal to put on the shelf. In both cases, however, follow a few principles:

  • the fur should have enough space around it so that its hair does not overlap or even break - ideally always create a gap between it and other clothing;

  • in the case of fur collars or pom poms that you store on the shelf, definitely do not put anything else on top of them;

  • do not enclose any fur product in a plastic bag - it could steam and be irreversibly damaged;

  • even textile packaging is not very suitable for fur coats and vests, because even with them, the hair can be burdened not only in the shoulder area;

  • avoid storing in open wardrobes - fur is best in the dark and preferably at a constant temperature;

  • watch out for pests in the closet and always prevent them best with natural herbs or special wood.

So now you know how to care for your fur products. If you're looking to add a new piece to your wardrobe, check out our women's fur coats, fur pom poms and pendants, and fur trims to adorn any of your hoods. You can also read an article on how to easily attach them to your jacket or coat.