Do you want to decorate your jacket or coat with a fur trim? We will help you choose the right length of the hem and show you that attaching it to the hood is not a science and you can do it yourself at home.

Choose the correct hem length

When choosing the length of the hem, first measure the size of the hood on which you plan to wear the hem. Take a tape measure and always measure the hood around its circumference, where the hem will be located (for example, if you measure the total length of the hood at 70 cm, choose a hem length of 65 cm, because the fur pile exceeds the stated length of the hem by 2-2.5 cm on each side) . In our offer you will find hems in sizes 50-120 cm. The product name always states the length that you will attach directly to the hood. If you want to know what the actual length of the fur will be, you will find this information for each product after clicking on it.

What you will need to attach the hem

The embroidered buttonholes in size are already prepared in the lining of the hem, you will receive the transparent buttons at the same time as the hem. For this, of course, also prepare thread, needle and scissors and you can start sewing on the hood itself.

Sew the buttons on the hood

Always sew the buttons on the outer edge of the hood approximately 2-2.5 cm from the edge and start from the middle one. Measure the circumference of the hood and sew the first button exactly in the middle of it. Then measure the hole spacing on the hem and start sewing the other buttons on the hood at the same distance.

Attach the trim and make an impression wherever you go

Once you have the buttons ready, all you have to do is attach the hem itself, be careful not to attach it the other way around, the back is always marked with a production label. That way you will be sure that the fur trim will blend perfectly with your hood and will not stand out anywhere. Well, then just go out into the company and make an impression. You can easily sew buttons on other jackets or coats.

Want to save time and effort with sewing?

If you don't understand thread and needle and would rather leave it to someone else, we have a solution for you. Order a fur trim and, together with your order, send us your hood or the entire jacket on which you want to sew the buttons for fastening. We will sew everything for you and send you a hood that you can start wearing right away. Also, don't forget to read proven advice on how to care for your fur products to make them last as long as possible.

Fold the hood in half, measure the center of the top and sew on the first button.

From the middle hole on the hem, measure the spacing to the centers of the other holes

Sew other buttons according to the measured spacing

Sewing on buttons

This is what buttons look like when sewn on correctly for attachment in fur trim

Finally, fasten the fur trim to the hood with buttons and it's done!